Episode 4 – Children of Aztlan

In this episode we meet the Aztecs: who they were, what they believed, and how their society was ordered. We also introduce the man who will ultimately destroy that civilization, Hernan Cortes, and we explore the backdrop to his expedition to Mexico.

Episode 3 – Horror in the Tropics

This episode takes a look at the Spanish conquest of the Carribean Islands, with a particular focus on the island of Hispaniola. We read a great deal of Las Casas, who chronicled the abject misery of the natives in his “A History of the Indies”.

Episode 2 – A New World

The Portuguese may have cornered the market on Africa, but they were about to get eclipsed in a big way by their neighbors to the east – the Spanish. This episode describes the story of the Castilian Atlantic, from 1402 through Columbus’s discovery of the Americas.

Programming Announcement #1

A few brief announcements. First off, episodes will now be uploaded at a pace of 1 per every week and a half – two weeks. To compensate, episodes will be longer, more in depth, and recommended reading will be provided. Also, we will do away with the chapter system and go to a simple system of numbering the podcast. Also, a shoutout to Jamie Redfern!