Episode 22 – In Search of Saguenay

In this episode, we talk about the three expeditions of Jacques Cartier, who discovered the St Lawrence River. We talk about the colony planted by Cartier (and later Roberval) on his third expedition, and we close off the episode with one of the great romantic stories of all time.

Episode 21 – Les Huguenots

In this episode we discuss the three primary motives for French expansion into the new world: commercial, geopolitical, and religious. Our primary focus is on this last motive, and we discuss the situation of the French Protestants, or Huguenots, from their beginnings in 1517 through 1558.

Episode 20 – Medium Rare, Please

In this episode, we begin to discuss the New Finland fisheries, and the failed attempt of the Portuguese Fagundes to plant a colony on Gnu-Phinland. After that, we discuss the voyages of Gomes and Verrazano, before returning one more time to Noof & Land to discuss John Rut’s pretty lame attempt to find the northwest passage and Master Hore’s Carnival Cruise (spoiler alert: you don’t want to use Master Hore for your party-planning needs). Oh, and there are cannibalism jokes. Just in case you’re at a dinner party that gets too boring or something.

Episode 19 – Those in Peril on the Sea

In this episode, we talk about the poorly-documented English voyages following John Cabot’s discovery of Newfoundland, the man who gave Greenland the name “Labrador” (No, I’m not drunk. Listen to the episode and it will make sense), and the unfortunate brothers Corte Real. We also take a look at Dighton Rock, and have some fun with conspiracy theories in the process.